Steering Wheels & interiors -- Glassics

Interior view of a 1973. (car 655) -- Note the floor shifter and 2 spoke steering wheel.
Thor's 1974 "Blue Goose" Car 1120. The gas pedal is likely NOT original.

Three spoke steering wheel.

Here is a view of my 1978 (car 1254) steering wheel. Mustangs, and the '73 and '74 Glassics above -- have a floor shifter, my '87 has a column shifter and the Mustang II people believe that this column is from a Granada. For now, let's say a 78 Granada.

Side view. The turn signal is the control for the tilt wheel. Push it toward the front of the car, away from the driver to release the wheel.


Here is the wheel cranked to the lowest positon. Crunch.