Side curtain reference information

By 2012, after a dozen years as Annexmaster, I have not heard anyone say that the Glassic side curtains were a good thing. They were a necessary evil for an "open car".   Once they are lost or ruined, they cannot be bought, and, like the tops, they have to be made from scratch by a top and upholstery shop, or someone who does boat upholstery.

There are at least three times when the top and curtain specifications seem to have changed.  The International engine cars, the Glassics with Ford V-8's and then the 1976 and onward Replicars.

Here is what I THINK I see so far:  

Generation 1, International -- 5 or 6 snaps along the front door -- rectangular back window -- see picture below.

Generation 2 -- 5 snaps along the door bottom.

Generations 3 and 4 -- 8 snaps along the front door bottom.

Car 160, an International engine car or first generation of Glassic.  These side curtains appear to be original. Note the nearly square shape of the rear window.

The photos below are of side curtains for what is most likely a Replicar, or 3rd or 4th generation Glassic. I bought them from eBay, where they were described as "Roadster windows", which the photos showed that they were not.  I measure the snap spacing on these curtains against my car (VIN 689) and they do not line up.  I am assuming that the snaps are original on my car, but that may not be the case.

For better or worse, I will record the spacing on the curtains I have and on my car.  If others will share corresponding  info, I can add it to this page.

Measurements of snap spacing on the passenger door, starting in the front by hooking a tape on the edge of the front door and pulling the tape along the snaps toward the rear:

CAR 689, a 1973 Phaeton: or second generation Glassic

These measurements are of the CAR snaps - I don't have curtains for this car.
Door edge 0, first snap 2 1/8" second at 9 1/8" third at 16 1/8" 4th at 23 1/8" 5th at 30 1/8" and at 31 1/8" -- the end of the door. --

The back snaps, starting at the door crack at the door handle end.  0, the first snap is at 1 1/8" back, second is 8 1/8" back and third is 15 1/8" back and the 4th and last one in the row is at 19 1/2" or so back.

-- Notice that the front curtain picture below has 8 snaps along the bottom of it, not 5 so it is not for the 1973 vintage cars and probably is from a Replicar.

Outside view with the front at the right.  The flap on the far left is sewn on facing back and folds over and around to cover the top frame.

The measurements below are from the CURTAIN, since I don't have the car.

Measuring the bottom snaps that are all in a straight row. Starting at the left of the rear window.  there are 5 snaps, each very close to 4" apart, for a total of 16 inches between the first and last snap.

The front curtain has 8 snaps, MORE OR LESS 4 inches apart.  Starting at the left (above picture), I measured the following:

4",4", 4", 3 3/4", 4 1/4",4 1/4", 4"   and when I measured from the first to last snaps, I got 28 1/4"

Inside view of the pieces at top. The front of the car is now on the left.

There are about 15 additional pictures of the detail of these side curtains like this one of the zippers partly open - the added shots are close-ups of parts of the top two images.
Rather than post all of them here, the few people that want them all can email me at and I can send you a set.