Safety - Rubber Parts - Tires

Parts that do not age well in an unused older car.

This page was initiated in 2020, after receiving photos from Stacey, a long-time Glassic owner of two cars, a Phaeton and a Roadster.  Seeing those pictures made me realize that there is an entire topic that has not been well represented on the Annex. 

While it is not my purpose to duplicate the entire Internet, the subject of aging deteriorating rubber parts is of particular interest to Glassic owners, in that our cars often have very low mileage over long periods of time.  Rubber products LOOK fine, but lose their elasticity and become dangerous and non-functional.

My first Replicar - on the test drive, the rear right wheel locked up on a short drive.  The seller later explained that he had replace 3 of the 4 rubber brake line pieces near each wheel, but the fourth one looked fine.   The inside of that piece dried out and closed up, locking the brake solid.  He replaced it and I bought the car!


Tires that look great but are BAD, are a serious safety consideration.

Do a Google search for rubber car parts that go bad with age, and make a list to replace them as you restore your car.

This car was being trailered at high speed. Disaster was narrowly averted.

This older picture was in the "for fun" section. Not really the right place considering the story, which appears here in the original link.

Here is Stacey's experience and pictures of her tire. from July, 2020. 

Last Sunday, the passenger side tire popped about 400 yards from the garage. I Got it jacked up just as it went flat.

Pictures show the fail spot, the date inside the tire which could maybe be install date? I don't know.

This was a low-speed failure - - - fortunately.

Tire looked good, front tires had been replaced already, how OLD was that tire?

Some rubber components that should be replaced after time, regardless of use.


Radiator hoses.

Brake lines at the wheels

Fuel line rubber parts.


Fuel pump (rubber bladder inside)

Motor mounts

Why is some of this in PURPLE?