Hang up your top!

Here is a quick and dirty hanger-upper for the top. Three hooks in the ceiling of the garage (be sure they are into the joists. A piece of 2 x 2 and some rope. I back the car into the garage, remove the top (with my wife's help) and hang it up. When I drive in front ways, I drive right under it, and it is far enough into the garage that the garage door does not interfere.

Here is a nook in the back to hold the balance. The top is placed across the 2 x 2's so that the back wants to fall down -- this third hook keeps it up.

Note how the left hook also holds up the old weed whacker, and notice in the lower right, the rag and pink streamer to cover the end of the top frame so we don't poke our eyes out when the car is out of the garage.

A more professional job would be to have CHAIN instead of rope, and S-hooks, so you can lift the top a little at a time back and forth from side to side. That is what I plan to use if I get my fiberglass (heavier) top done.