Hood Hinge on a '78 Glassic

As a reference for creating your own split hinge, here is how my factory hood (I believe it is factory) is put together. The hinge appears to be stainless steel.
Pencil is to give a size reference. The pin is thin, and the pencil points to the front hold down loop. This loop goes down though a cut out hole in the grill ledge to a brace below. More on that subject below.
In the back, the hold down loop is on the surface of the cowl. Notice the notching of the hinge. Sticky flat rubber (almost foam) gaskets are on the hood AND the cowl sides. The hinge, laid open as you see here is pretty close to 2 inches wide. Each ear about 7/8 wide. I bet this is called a one inch hinge.
Back to the front. Since there is nothing in front to hold the hinge but the fragile plastic grill, there is a piece of bar metal - might be aluminum - under the grill lip. It goes from about where the X is to the same distance on the other side. The piece is about the width of that black gasket, and its bolted all along beneath the grill. The hinge clamp is hooked to the metal piece.
OK, I went back for a blind shot from inside the hood. It appears that the piece of metal has tapped holes, not nuts and bolts. I cannot see what is holding the hinge loop onto the flat piece. I don't THINK that it is all one piece.
Rear of the hood. Spot (A) is where the fiberglass hood bends around to form a lip. The thin lighter line below the A is the edge of the hinge. (B) is the other half of the hinge showing the rivets -- the globs on either side of the A are the ugly side of the rivets.