Title - Registration - DMV issues for your Glassic

See also the page on Glassic VINs (Serial numbers)

This page was written in 2017 after having seen a pattern of "issues" over the years of operation of the Annex.  I am resisting the urge to post information regarding every subject in the world, even though so many issues impact Glassic owners. Use your search engines for more general subjects. I am sure that DMV horror stories abound on the Internet.
DMVs (Department of Motor Vehicles) are known by different names in different states in the USA. They are source for establishing the identity and ownership of cars on the road.

My history on this website shows that COLLECTOR CARS are generally not in the mainstream of the concerns of DMVs.  Their main mission is to deal with transportation type cars. Accordingly, the level of concern and interest in Glassics and other non-standard cars varies from state to state, with extreme caring for our problems being the exception rather than the rule. If your car was properly titled and registered when you bought it, and you stay in the same state, you likely would not even be looking at this page.  When problems, exceptions, or issues arise, DMV's become an obstacle in most cases.

Try to find a "friend" at your DMV. . Ask the DMV who on their team is good at dealing with old cars or collector cars. They often can steer you to a particular staff member who likes old cars and is willing to think outside the box.  They might then be willing to take the time needed to help you through the maze.
"Glassics" are factory-made replicas of 1931 Model A Ford cars, manufactured from 1966 to 1975.   "Replicars" are factory-made replicas of 1931 Model A Ford cars, manufactured from 1976 to 1981.   They were not, nor are they now "kit cars" - parts bought in pieces and built by an owner into a car.  Original Glassic VINs range from 101 to about 1211. Replicars VINs range from 1001 to about 1509.  Manufacturing records were destroyed years ago in a flood, making the ending VINs of each car type impossible to state precisely.

Various states have deemed it necessary to create "assigned VINs" - whether to fit their computer needs or to further identify a particular car. While sometimes the made-up VIN includes the original car VIN, other times it is completely random.  We have Glassics with VINs starting with CA and IA - in those cases identifying the states of origin.