Advertising your Car for Sale

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The first, easiest, and "free-est" place to advertise your car for sale is right here on the Annex. Cars that are for sale appear on the owners list pages. (The left hand tabs on the main page) The entire entry for cars that are for sale is highlighted with a yellow background.  The GlassicAnnex is a support website, not a business. I post your ad info as a help to fellow and future Glassic owners.  As a small website, people report success selling their Glassics quite often - only Glassic "nuts" check this website.

 To list YOUR car as "for sale" you need three things.

 First, you need to have your car appearing on the owners list. If your car info, and your owner info is not already on the owners list, you can "register" on the website using this form. If you are registering the car AND listing it for sale, just say so on the email you send about your car.

Then you need an asking price for the car. Your Annexmaster (me) requires that as a courtesy to your prospective buyers, and to save you getting calls from people who are not in your price range.

If you have previously registered your car and you now want to sell it, then you can just check your contact info on your owners listing to be sure that people can contact you, and let me know that the car is for sale and the price by sending an email to 


You can also make your own ad on the Annex MESSAGE BOARD indicating your car is for sale. Include details, since the listing is free, you don't have to skimp on words.



10/7/10 -- A car just sold after 7 inquiries solely from listing the car in yellow on the GlassicAnnex website. This car was upgraded with a V-8 engine swap, was well priced and the owner had contributed many pictures of the car to the Annex - factors which likely also helped the quick sale.

1/16/12 -- FL Roadster # 881 reported his "for sale" car as SOLD and shared: "please mark my # 881 30 Model 'A' Roadster SOLD Thanks to GLASSIC ANNEX.. BY-THE-WAY, I HAD 3 POTENTIAL BUYERS FROM 'GLASSIC ANNEX'......."

 While not a LOT of people check the website, people who specifically want a Glassic will likely find what they want here.

Here are two snippets of email I got in the summer of 2016

7/29  Don: The guy bought my car found  on your web site.

8/9 The post on your site SOLD my car. Thanks so much.



Oct. 2012. -- I discovered that Craigslist was not on my ad tips page. Oops.  Craigslist is a free classified website that has gotten huge over the years. It is designed for LOCAL advertising and has pages for most big cities. start with and then find your nearest city.  When you pick a department, for instance, cars for sale, and get a list of the ads, you can find a button on the upper right corner of the screen that says POST -- you then are guided through the process.  

You will want at least one picture of your car with your ad, so you need to have decided which picture or pictures you want to include and know WHERE they are on your computer. (Example, mydocuments/pictures/myglassic)  -- that way, when craigslist asks you about pictures, you will know which ones you want to add.

You also can add a link to the Annex album page right in your ad for your car, and let people look at the pictures in that way. The ideal Craigslist ad will have a picture on Craigslist AND a link to the album page.  You get the link by opening the Annex website, go to the owners list for your car, find your car (in this example, car 351 is for sale)  When you see the small picture of car 351, RIGHT CLICK on the picture and click on COPY SHORTCUT or copy shortcut address-- (nothing seems to happen)

Then, when writing your ad for Craigslist, at the appropriate place just paste (Control-V) in the link.  See this example below:

There are some more pictures of my car on this owner support website for Glassics

Until you get used to Craigslist, and their rules, it is a little tricky, but the site is free, and it works.  If you need support navigating Craigslist, send me an email at

TIP:  Craigslist is FREE, so write out your ad and tell the buyer ALL the good things about your car -- give the reader some details!. When you are finished, proof read your ad, double check your contact info for accuracy. If you want to put more pictures of your car on the Annex, just send them along to me.


From Rick, whose car (913) sold quickly in August, 2012.  I asked for his selling advice in this difficult economy. Thank you for sharing!

First guy who calls says he has a car hauler and wants to pick it up right away for a buyer in Finland. I tell him to have the guy call me, but he insisted he was the go between.
Uh Huh, probably a scam. They bring you a cashiers check and you deposit it, thinking everything is ok, they take the car, and two weeks later your bank denies the deposit, saying the check bounced.
Anyway another person came and looked at the car and bought it.
Tips: It sold on Craigs List.


1:  clean up the car as pretty as you can get it.
2:  clean up your other cars, as they are an indication of how you care for them.
3:  Take good pics from every angle. CL allows 8 pics.
4:  Write a GOOD ad, you would be amazed how many ads look like they were written by a six year old. Explain what the car is, and that it is not a kit car or a Shea, and came with factory warranty.
5:  Ask a bit more, not too much, than you will take, allowing you a little wiggle room.
6:  Do not negotiate over the phone, before they have even looked at the car. This is a position of weakness. Just tell them politely you may have a little wiggle room, but to come look at it, then we will talk.


A 2011 updated suggestion

Car shows.  A recent seller reminds you not to under-price your cars. He got a good price for his Glassic at a car show recently. He had a sign and some business cards and later got a call from several states away from someone who had seen the car and liked it. He worried that some people may be aiming too low when they price their cars.

A second person in 2011 asked for info about pricing since he was going to a car show with his car, and I have not heard back from him, so he also may have sold his car at a show.

Annexmaster's observation:  You can always LOWER your price later if you don't succeed with a higher asking price.


Annexmaster suggestions in 2008

A number of questions this year prompt this commentary. Glassic prices, as of September, 2008 seem to be holding steady, but sales may be down some due to the economic situation. While I have sold a total of zero cars myself, I have received more than average exposure to people who have (and have not) been able to sell their Glassics.

1) Advertise in as many places as you can think of. The free and paid ads on the Annex are just one place that a buyer might look. Anyone who does not know Glassics will never see the Annex, but they might see the local classifieds in your town, and not even be aware that a "Glassic" is just what they need.

2) Local newspapers, and local weekly advertising tabloid papers (Pennysaver, The Flyer) and so forth, as well as weekly neighborhood papers are places for ads.

3) On-line. Hemmings website, Collector Car Trader online, and others. They carry a cost, but many people know of one of these but don't ever check the others. Advertise in as many as you can. Use a picture or more whenever you can.

4) Local car shows. Attend as many as you can with a sign in the window. If you put the asking price in the window (and leave room for a "discount" for your buyer) you will pre-screen your buyers to people who can handle your price range. Buyers often have no idea what a car may be worth.

5)  The Annex Premier Gallery. This had been designed to be a supplement to other ads. It was discontinued in 2015, and should have been removed about 5 years earlier as the Internet changed and evolved. It no longer serves any real purpose, and I used to charge for it, but really recommended the free listings I provided as being just as useful.

6) Price your car to sell. While buyers are out there who see a Glassic and will buy it at any price, my experience shows that the lower the price, the larger the odds that it will sell quickly. Look at the Used Glassic Values page for a start. The top end of those prices are received when the car is fully restored, not a great car in original condition.

7) Be nice to all potential buyers. You never know WHO is nuts enough to buy a Glassic. I sold a motor home to a guy one time who had bib overalls and a new orange hunting cap. He was on his way home from looking at a completely different type of camper, hated Fords (yep, I had a Ford) and griped about many of the features of the motor home. His wife liked it and they paid cash.  -- In Florida, an International based, stick shift Glassic was bought by three elderly widow ladies - who, it turned out, had several real Model A's at home.

If you are planning to sell your Glassic/Replicar, here are some tips.

These are unusual cars, not something to be sold to the mass market, and when people decide that they want one, they often know what the cars are, and they search for them on the internet. Many of the local papers with websites have a national search feature on the web which will report back on ANY ads in the country which match the buyer’s specifications. (Be sure to include the key words below)

Here are some places that I have found Glassics advertised.

Glassic Annex --

Free listing on the owners page. Registered cars can have their listing marked "For Sale", along with the price. The listing background is changed to yellow. Cars generally (but not always) seem to sell for a lower price, but they DO sell if the opening bid is low enough. Probably the quickest way to be sure your car is sold. Cars with too high an opening bid end up often with no bids at all. -- has featured a number of Glassics for sale over the years. -- here I found one under 1932 Ford. If you are selling, use the correct year (1931) if you are buying, search 1928 to 1932 to have the best chance of finding one.


A buyer will search for key words, so your ad will be seen most often if it includes the words that a buyer is most likely to request. The terms below, in my estimated order of importance, should be in your ad to get the best exposure to someone searching for a Glassic.

Some people "discover" Glassics and then
search for one to buy. If the word "Glassic" is not in your ad
or eBay listing, they won't
find your car nearly as easily.

As many of the words below as possible should appear in your ads:



Model A



The lower your selling price, the quicker your car will sell. I know of one car that has remained on the market (and advertised) for well over a year. It was overpriced by about $2,000 to $3,000. It may well find a buyer eventually, but the process is slower.

See also: What is my used Glassic worth?


Tips if you are considering buying a Glassic

In 2016 I got a question from someone planning to buy a Glassic. I realized that this page was mostly about selling, so, here are some random thoughts (based on my years as Annexmaster) that may help.

Glassics are "collector cars", not transportation.  They are now OLD cars, not even counting that they are replicas of even older cars. I have heard very few stories of perfect running Glassics.  With a new "transportation" car, you expect trouble free operation for years. Those years for Glassics are long-gone. Plan on a "labor of love."

What do you want?  There are some preferences (or firm requirements) you may want to decide on, as well as other factors, such as cost.  Phaeton (front and back seat) or Roadster (rumble seat) are the two major body styles.  Stick shift or automatic transmission?  The early Glassics were almost all standard transmission and 4 cylinder engines.  Later, V-8 and auto trans, and then the Replicars, with power steering, air conditioning, and power brakes.  The cost to buy these cars generally, but not always, is higher for the more features.

see also: 4 generations of Glassics

Condition:  The cars range from neglected junkers to fully restored and rebuilt, and everything in between. My first Glassic had a rebuilt engine, which, a year later blew a piston rod and had to be rebuilt again. Still, the odds were better with the engine rebuilt than if it had been sitting for years.

Price - What is my used Glassic worth? This link gives some ball park figures, along with tons of disclaimers. What a Glassic is worth is what you want to pay for it. If you know that you will need to put money into the car (example- are all of the rubber parts on the car old and dried out?) then you should not pay as much as you would if someone else has invested in that update work.

Where to find one - In order of likely success -- Look at the Glassic Annex owners list pages for the entries highlighted in bright yellow. By far, not all cars are here, but there are more available Glassics here than any other single place. Sellers let me know, and fans send me ads, and I post them when I can.  The website is not a sales device, so it is often out of date, and people rarely let me know when the no longer have their Glassic.

Once you have looked though the owners list pages, keep an eye on the LOG - right on the main page of the web page. When a new car is added to the "For sale" roster, I will mention it in the log, along with a link to the correct owners list, and hopefully, the right location on the page.

Search: Google search for "Glassic for sale"  - also, Craigs list, a local advertising page often has a few. The problem here is that it is designed for local consumption, so nationwide searches are a bit hard to do.  I sold my first Glassic on Craigs list, to someone across the state who was browsing ads from various cities.  - It was listed for nearly a month with no response, however.

The Glassic Annex message board forum - This item, on the main Annex page, gets light use, but its free, and a great place to look or  put a WANTED ad, since Glassic owners or fans are about the only readers.  Specify what you want -- Phaeton, automatic transmission wanted - The closer to Texas, the better. Restored car preferred.  -- and, of course, your contact info.

Some of this may be simplistic, and I apologize, but I am trying to recall my first Glassic encounter and save you some time.