Glassic 914 - top with sunroof

Many of the modifications to car 914 were made before the current owner received the car.
Thanks to Bobbie in Anaheim, California for sharing these pictures of her car.

Bobbie also thanks her neighbor, Tim McGann, who has helped with many aspects of the restoration
and updating since she bought the car in 2003.

Here are more pictures of car 914

Oak Dashboard

Tonneau Cover

Electric Windows


The previous owner had installed power windows, and this top with a sunroof provision..
The snaps along the front are double snaps. On the back side of the snap is the female snap that
attaches to the top frame, then the FRONT side becomes the male portion that is used to
connect to the cover. The back and sides of the top cover are velcro.

Note the velcro, the lining behind the top cover, and the sun's effect where the weather had
beaten down on the top.

The top cover extends over the cross-bar of the top frame

The above picture is large so that you can see how the stitching is done.

Bobbie, the owner reports that the top cover stays on fine at highway speeds and does
not flap around!