72 Story

The tale below is from an e-mail to Glassic.org by Don (no relation to the Annexmaster). The email was dated 7/28/01 from: (with permission) charcie@tampabay.rr.com
I have enjoyed looking at your site (Glassic.org), I worked for Glassic Motor car in
1972-73, I was in production and hung the doors and rumble seats. Also the
windshield and other accessories. we had a fire in the layout building in 73
and lost the roadster molding. We only built the phaeton model for a while
until they made another mold. We also had one on The Price is Right show and
one was sold to Liberace. This was done at the West Palm Beach plant behind
the Dog Track. They also took photos of the assembly process. Each station
had it's workers doing something to the car. They were for a brochure but
don't know what came of it. We were using the ford 302 at that time.The body
was married to the inner panel as it came into the rear side door. the frame
was built coming into the back door. it would than be fully wired including
dash and steering column and lights etc. It would than come to me for the
doors and rumble seat, bumpers and windshield etc. than it would go to the
last station for upholstery. After I hung the doors I would sit a make shift
chair behind the door and run it around the field a while to settle the
doors. sounds funny but it worked. It was a great crew and we took pride in
the craftsmanship. Great memories....Don