Car 189 Restoration project
The Annexmaster's commentary is in purple.

Car 189, was purchased by Dennis Crozier in 2006 after a long history of neglect, including body damage that occurred while the car was parked in a lot. The damage smashed the passenger side of the car, including breaking the door into two pieces.

Some "Before" pictures of this car
can be found here in the new Album.

Dennis swaps a Chevy V-8 into this car.


A new door is built from scratch

Dennis said (3/2007): Actually the door was split in half. It was hit hard while parked at Nozzle Nolen (the previous, long time owner). A car came through the fence and hit the pass side hard. Moved the body over about 2 inches and, well, you seen the rest. He (the body shop working on the project) skinned the door and made a new outside shell.

Once he had the correct outside size and shape, all he did was line up the broken inside half to get the exact width and start glassing it. Oh by the way, if anyone needs a pass door, we now have a great mold of one.

The replacement door. The grey area where the door handle is located is where they filled in the indent. It seems that the later Replicars door used as a mold had the indent, but the earlier Glassics did not. Otherwise, the doors on all years are apparently  the same size.

The inner panel shows that the crack went all the way through the door.

The new outer skin, and, in the upper left corner, the old inner piece, patched together to also make a mold. We are hoping to hear how the old door inner and outer halves were taken apart

The inner door  panel being patched together to make a mold.

 A hole was cut in the outer panel mold to put in the recess for the door handle. A small mold of the indented area is seen at the bottom of the picture and in the insert in yellow at the top. The flat door got a rectangular cutout so the molded door recess could be puttied in place. After  all that work, they discovered that the older Glassic didn't need that recess after all.

Plastic film was used to keep the finished panel from sticking to the mold. The mold is on the bottom, and the finished piece was flipped over and the film removed.

Here sits the door from car u031, a later "Replicars" pickup truck on on the running board of car 189. It was used to make the mold for the replacement door.

Slap a coat of primer on (May, 2007) and car 189 begins to show its future, not its past.

First look in May, 2007, shows the car with a current looking green color. Very classy looking!

In response to my question about the source of the paint color, Dennis said:

It's called Legend Lime Green. It's a green metallic with a gold underlay. It came on the 05 and 06 Mustang.

I plan to do a Medium Grey Pin stripe or Black with Grey or black Interior. The light bar (if I can get it made), bumper brackets, tail light brackets and bumpers will all be black. 

The transformation nears completion!

Dennis swaps a Chevy V-8 into this car.