Car 1452 Projects

In 2016 Tony, the owner of car 1452, - in the Oakland California area --  addressed a number of items.   Car 1452 photo
Passenger seat brackets.  Tony found a Model A replacement part and ordered a pair of them. While they looked good, the fit was not an exact match, so he ended up having a pair made.

above left: the original bracket -- above right: store-bought Model A replacement brackets, and a foot rest pedal (so you don't rest your foot on the dimmer switch.)

The base of the swivel mount is almost exactly as the existing part. The height of the vertical member is too high and the hole is too big and is located too high.
BUT these parts could be modified with a drill, a vice, a grinder and a can of black spray paint. I think these parts are a possible replacement for the originals.

The store bought seat hinge mounts were cheaper than the fabricated ones.
The mounting holes are 90 degrees out, and are a different spacing. Different holes have to be drilled in the floor to make these work; one would also need to lower height and shape the top - drill new holes to take the bolt. These could be replacements, but it would take some fabricating work.

above: new, custom-built heavier brackets. Pins used instead of nuts and bolts.  Heavy, solid construction.

Turn signal arm shortened
I had the indicator arm shortened to give space for my left knee.
I am 6'4" tall, about 200 pounds

looking down from above.

Steering Rod Vibration Dampener new one added -- as best as I can photograph it.

Brake Pedal Moved

I have size 13 feet, I had the foot rest installed and also had the brake pedal moved over, so that my left foot does not interfere when I have to apply the brake. The pics show the original brake pedal- reinstalled following the modification. I am seeking a smaller brake pedal, but what I have now works fine.


Driver's Seat Mounts Moved

I am 6'-4" tall.... I had the drivers seat shifted back 5 inches, along with the seat (lap) belt.

The seat belt is now mounted as far back as it could go. Still on the inside of the left side of the car; against the wall under the back seat. A new metal bracket ties the seat belt to the frame in the same way as the seat belt was originally manufactured and mounted.
The silver domed bolt heads cover the old holes in the floor, where the drivers seat was originally mounted.
Now, when I push the drivers seat into the fully back position, the rear of the drivers seat sits about 2 inches in front of the rear seat.
When the seat is in the fully forward position, it feels to me like it used to, before I made this modification.


New knobs fabricated.
The knobs (on the dash board) to the air conditioner were both broken when I purchased the car.
Mr. Shinnick manufactured the knobs photographed below from a block of aluminum. (See the box at the bottom of this page)

click for larger view.

Hood Side Panels reinforced.

My car suffers from "rattling" to take some of that away each side was stiffened with two flat steel sections; screw fixed into the engines side curtains. Stainless steel washers and screws (with lock nuts) to match the row along the trailing and leading edge. As shown in the attached pic. I don't think this alteration looks to, "out of place".

The stiffener for the side panels were fabricated as two parallel bars that do not touch each other,


Click on the pictures for a larger view

Mr. Joel Shinnick manufactured several new parts:

Two Pivot mounts for the passenger side seat out of aluminum,

Two Air conditioning control knobs out of aluminum,

The above items were about $50 each item. Contact Mr Shinnick for a quote if you are interested.

Bushings for the door hinges out of medical grade plastic - he tells me these ware better than the original brass bushings.

He also machined the steering rod to accept the new steering vibration dampener - which works perfectly.
Now the car shakes with pot holes and bumps in the road - but not the steering wheel.
Joel tells me that he has recorded the patterns for the parts that he manufactured so that he can reproduce them for anyone who wants them.

Mr. Joel Shinnick
Phone (209) 277-6394