Windshield repairs, car 141

Shared with the Annex by Chuck Stout in March, 2012


I think the windshield arms are the same on most Glassics. Begin by
 disconnecting your wiper motors or the arms depending on what style you have.
 For removal start by removing the wing nuts or bolts shown by the red arrows.

Pull the windshield arm away. If you do this on both sides you made need a extra set of hands to handle the windshield as it will be free from the car.

The bolt on my car #141 is a set screw. On other cars it may be a bolt. Remove as this passes through a L shaped bracket inside the frame.


Pull up gently on the frame.


You can now see where the bolt passes through the L shaped bracket.
To get the rest of the frame away from the windshield lay it on a protected bench and gently tap with a dead blow hammer.
 You may have to use a hammer on a block of wood at the bottom of the frame to loosen it away from the windshield.

The gasket I sourced through a local store that deals with home windows and shower doors.
 It was .060 thick and about 1 in wide. I laid it around the outside circumference of the windshield
 and tapped the frame gently onto it with a dead blow hammer. Using a little soap and water helped
 it to slide on. When assembled I trimmed the excess material with a razor knife.


The outside weather stripping I ordered from Snyder’s Antique Auto.
 Part No. A-37199-B for 1930 and 1931 open cars. I ordered one package and seemed to have enough.
It slides in the u shaped channel on the outside of the frame.
Again a little soap and water may be needed. I had to experiment with cutting the angle so it laid somewhat nice.


Here the stripping is being pushed on. Reassemble the bolts and windshield arms. Reconnect the wipers.


All done. Hope this helps.