Underneath Views

Glassic # 1254, a 1978 Phaeton


Car 1505, a 1981 Roadster

There are also some underneath pictures of this car that can be seen in the album collection



Car 1254, a 1978 Phaeton

#1 Passenger side rear spring from behind

# 2 Passenger side rear shock from mid-car

# 3 Battery box with piece of 2 x 4 holding battery in place. Device on the right is a battery disconnect lock installed by prior owner

# 4 Up and under the front looking at bottom of radiator & tie rods

# 5 Looking up into engine on driver's side. The blue thing on the left is the arm of the car lift. Orange in center bottom is oil filter.

# 6 Looking at front driver's side suspension from under car

# 7 Rear axle drivers' side

# 8 Looking up and back at oil pan. Starter motor on left has red sticker and wire

# 9 Closer view of the starter motor.

# 10 Front driver's spring and brake line

# 11 Emergency brake linkage and that battery cut-off switch. The key is under the driver's seat. Yes, that is a piece of garden hose as a sheath to protect the wire.

# 12 Looking forward toward the rear transmission mount

# 13 Looking forward at the rather moist rear of the transmission

# 14 Looking up under the driver's side front tire. includes the air conditioner drier in the upper left of picture.

 A picture of the 1978 air conditioner drier, with measurements.