The story of Wisconsin Phaeton #1231, a 1978, found in a salvage yard after an engine fire.

Photos of this car (such as the one below) and many AFTER pictures, can be found in the Glassic Annex Photo Collection

Glassic Phaeton #1231 saved from a salvage yard.

Correspondence from the new owners Bob & Becky Vejvoda at the end of 2011. oldest comes first.

I just found your web site through a ad placed on ebay for a roadster and then seeing Glassic in the grill shell ,I looked up the company on the web and found the Glassic Annex, it was great I was able to identify the car's maker, we're in process of buying it now. I found the car in a local salvage yard purchased from an insurance company. 

The car had an electrical fire under the hood ,needless to say it took the hood ,grill shell and the light bar.  The rest of the car is still very clean .My question is are any parts around to help replace the burnt glass ? or help in making them ? I'm not sure of the yr yet still digging that out but hope with the information from your site I can get close to it. does have the mustang front with rack steering and VW tail lights and parking lights and auto on the column ,I'm going to guess it to be late 70"s from what I've read .

It needs work no doubt new top, side curtains and lots of wiring help to start. The V8 still will turn by hand - a lot of TLC will be needed I will forward pics once we get it home is there any info on the wiring or used parts around ?

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We just purchased our car from a local auto salvage yard ,they got from an INS auction in Chicago due to an engine fire ,I spoke with the annex master who posted some pictures of it under the former registered owner .We will begin a restoration ( like the Mcwreck) within a couple weeks ,first thing i need to do is get help on finding a grill shell or modifying an original to fit . We are going to have fun with this. Better pics will follow . Thanks for the web site and information on these cars its great

I'm glad to have been able to be apart of this, we finalized the deal today on the car is ours. We plan on having ithome by Monday - Tuesday the latest. What a way to start the new yr!! excited we are . We registered the car again on the web site we will be doing our donation this coming week its great to have the resources.

 I hate to ask so many questions but have no way of knowing how long the hood is or how tall the side panels are including the height of the grill shell . I've read the article on the steel shell that was shortened but don't know how much . Would it be possible to get some dimensions on these items so I have a starting point . I have an uncle who was heavy into Shea's and steel A rods, he has several left over parts . Now that he is been retired several yrs he is getting out of it, he said I'm welcome to what ever he has that may fit or I can use. Any help with these dimensions would be extremely grateful.

 I will forward better pictures once the car is home .My oldest son's friend's father was into ford small blocks, he offered to let me sort through his pile and see if i can use any engine parts .This is really becoming a family affair with both my sons . Even the wife is excited that's different in itself -- were lovin' it.



It's been a few years now and I wanted to send a couple new photos of the car now in current form ,have a few touches to do yet add the hood , I just painted that. It sure is fun to drive and looks a whole lot better, turns lots of heads. I missed the meet in Sharon WI, due to family obligations. I wanted to send a few pictures of the car as well update to ones you have.

 I also removed the A/C and flattened the fire wall. Put a P/S (power steering) pump from a 1979 ford truck on it. The engine is the original removed what was left the air cleaner, replaced the carb, cap and wires and she fired right up.

Since then added an aluminum intakes 4bl carb and chrome . How do I support to the annex fund by Pay Pal, (On the main page, the far right tab is "About" - under that is a donate tab, or just scroll down the about page.  There is a PayPal donate button - press it -- ) the articles and information were very helpful in doing this car. It will be going for sale, I will be looking for a roadster for my next project.

Lots of work went into the car and as I said before: the Annex was great for help with what others have done.

The wire harness was bought for a model A hot rod -- off of eBay,

The radiator is 66 mustang aluminum fit perfect,

 The power steering pump is from a 78 ford truck, I eliminated the A/C and flatted the fire wall.

The hood is 34 ford shortened and hinged -- a lot of work there, but it was longer than the car so it was easy to cut it down to size, made new

Converted the front to 5 lug and replaced the rear with a 73 maverick grabber rear end -- straight bolt In,

Head light bar is model A  I just ground part of the weld on the top side to change the mounting angle.

I raked the windshield back 1" to give it a sleeker look

The above were shared by the owner Bob (also Sept. 2016), along with some "after" pics - and immediately thereafter I got an email from the new owner. Bob had sold the car quickly. Apparently the Annexmaster was not the ONLY one impressed with all those upgrades!