Here is a link to an article in the NY Times. I found this in 2007 while looking for
possible reports on car 838 that was found totaled in a junkyard.

The artilce (Full credit goes to the NY Times) is also printed below
in case the link ever stops working.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


SPORTS PEOPLE; Strange Accident

Published: January 19, 1983
Steve Rosenbloom, former general manager of the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams, is in a New Orleans hospital recovering from what he has described as a freakish automobile accident last Sunday in which he suffered a fractured skull. His former wife, Renee Rosenbloom, who has been with him since the accident, said last night that Rosenbloom was driving a 1967 Glassic roadster, a fiberglass-bodied replica of a 1931 Ford. Mrs. Rosenbloom said her husband told her he fell out of the car, which had no locks, and curtains instead of windows, when it ran off a curve on a cobble-stoned street and hit a loading dock.

She said he did not suspect foul play. The incident occurred a day before the telecast of a documentary suggesting that Rosenbloom's father, Carroll Rosenbloom, the Rams' owner who drowned in 1979, might have been murdered as a result of his gambling activities. Steve Rosenbloom said in that telecast that he believed his father had been slain.


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