Possible Duplicate VIN numbers
Discovered April, 2002

The discovery in April, 2002 of car #1087, manufactured in January, 1978 by Replicars gives evidence of "out of sequence" VIN numbers.

When Glassic went bankrupt in 1975 they did not leave their records behind. When Replicars began production, the owner, Joel, selected an arbritrary starting number for the Replicars serial numbers. During an interview over 20 years later, he did not recall the starting number, but thought that it might have been 1001, since the first car had been number 101. At the time of the interview, Joel had not known of any duplicate serial numbers being in existence.

When car 1087 was reported as a 1977 it did not match with cars from 1974 bearing higher numbers -- so it appears that there may be TWO cars with numbers 1001 through at least 1211 which is the highest numbered Glassic from 1974 that has been located so far.

Glassic records were lost after the bankruptsy, and Replicars production records were ruined in an office flood years ago.